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  • David

    March 1, 2021 at 9:10 pm

    Hey Kevin, this is a great start! I have a few questions for you…

    When you talk with your clients about the projects they hire you for… how do the clients talk about their marketing and branding woes? What kinds of language do they use? Are there emotions connected to those words?

    How can you work this language into your elevator pitch?

    I’m asking (and probably leading you a bit, sorry) because I imagine those clients are experiencing frustration on some level. Maybe their current marketing isn’t generating the results they’d hoped. If this is true, it can be a great launching point for finding ways to express the pitch… which might then shift into something like…

    Person in Elevator: “So what do you do?”

    Kevin: “Oh… well… you know that thing where you make a great product, or provide a helpful service… but sales suck and you wish more people would buy it so you could take a vacation?”

    Person in Elevator: Yeah…

    Kevin: I fix that.

    Both ideas can work…which is why (like good marketers) we want to test everything. Personally, I have a revolving (evolving) list of the ways I explain my work. And I actually write them down (with notes and everything), because down the road those notes can become incredible training resources.