You NEED to Know What Wix, Squarespace, and Godaddy Aren’t Telling You!

The big companies don’t want you to know… a website won’t help your business generate more profit without the secret engine powering 91% of the most successful online businesses. BEWARE! If you read on you will learn this incredible secret, and you will want to throw out your current website immediately.

Every day, people that want a better life for themselves are led to believe they need a website in order to achieve those dreams. That it is a requirement if you want to have any hope of having a successful business post-2020. The thing is… IT ISN’T TRUE!

Wix, Squarespace, Godaddy… all of em… they want you to believe that you have to have a website so that you’ll keep paying them. They want you to believe a website is all you need to successfully build your dream business. And, every last one of these big companies knows there’s more to the story.

Fact: A website, on it’s own, is not likely to be a significant source of revenue for your business, no matter who builds it.

These companies know… in the end, the design of your website (or brand) means very little when it comes to generating profit.

All of the beautiful DIY website templates in the world aren’t going to change facts. Yet these huge companies have built their businesses by exploiting your lack of knowledge about the secret systems that power the most profitable websites in the world, including their own.

So why do they market do-it-yourself websites as if they were THE missing piece of the entrepreneurial pie?

Because they can lean into the fact that a website is important (just not as much as they want you to think). Sure, these days… yeah… if you want to see your company taken seriously…you need something up online. but…

Is it everything?

No, not by a long shot. And most people already know this is true. Most people know, a business requires more than just a website… but… when it comes to what else it needs… well, that’s where the water gets muddy.

This is where the way forward gets more difficult to see clearly. Because, you have access to incredible amounts of information you are also…

…one Google search away from drowning in a sea of branded listicles that appear to be are almost definitely plagiarized off of each other.

We call it Copycat Content… and unfortunately… it is what passes for content marketing these days.

The worst part is…there is no structure to all this content, which leaves you floating in an infinite sea of information that is mostly polluted with junk.

The pile of informational garbage on the internet frustrating, and is explained by quirky idea called Sturgeon’s Law, which suggests that 90% of everything in the world… is crap.

It sounds laughable at first!

Then you start to think about it…

When you look at movies, clothes, insurance options… an overwhelming majority of the options (in ANY category) are crap!

The first reference to this idea shows up in an issue of Venture, an American science-fiction magazine, in September of 1957.

And on that hangs Sturgeon’s revelation. It came to him that [science fiction] is indeed ninety-percent crud, but that also — Eureka! — ninety-percent of everything is crud. All things—cars, books, cheeses, hairstyles, people and pins are, to the expert and discerning eye, crud, except for the acceptable tithe which we each happen to like.

Ok… so… you have a product (or a great idea for one)… maybe that product is part of a service you offer (maybe not)… and these big website companies want you to think it’s as easy as click, click, click, and PRESTO you launch a website (maybe you even start a social media presence along with it).

The big brands have convinced you (and millions of others) that the age-old lie of “if you build it they will come” is true (it isn’t) and that siren’s song is still ringing in your beautiful entrepreneurial ears.

Did you notice how the big brand web companies increased their advertising around the message of “a website is all you need to get started” when the pandemic hit?

As professionals who know better, we felt gross watching it happen… the entire planet is quarantined and we are watching these stocks of these massive companies skyrocket from selling people some half-truths… and a fancy tool… to help people design their new site, all while convincing them they were on their way to inevitable riches.

The idea that a website is the ticket riches, was (and still is) an exaggeration delivered with perfect, sleazy timing.

Here’s another one…

Did you know that cigarette companies increase their advertising efforts exponentially in January? Yep…you read that right.

Right when smokers are most likely trying to quit, here comes Big Tobacco, ready to sabotage their target market, for profit.

Gyms do the same thing (in a subtly different way) when they bump up their advertising for the new year. The difference is, they know that most people will stop using the gym after a few months, but won’t cancel their subscription (because that would mean they gave up).

Note: Pay attention to how their message changes throughout the year to keep you from canceling. This will tell you a ton about their overall marketing strategy

Wix, Squarespace, Godaddy, Etsy… it’s all the same. These companies are taking advantage of hopeful, hardworking people who don’t know any better. And how could they when they company they trust for guidance is lying to them?

Because of this… it is rare for rookie entrepreneurs to ever find out the real secrets of a profitable web presence…

…And YOU are about to become one of those rare few…