Some days a Wabbit just has to wonder…how the @$#% does it happen that a business owner, in the age of the internet, might doubt their own need for a website?

We found a study whose results are shocking: A whopping 41% of small business owners sampled don’t think their businesses need a website.

Let that sink in for a minute.

41% is really close to half. Half is unsettling when we live in a time where we each have the internet in our pockets.

You know that scene in American Psycho when ‘ol C.Bale flips out about the business cards? He has this crisis because of the underlying language of the business card. He’s freaking out because of the messages a business card can send without using words. What does the thickness of the paper communicate? What message does it send when someone uses Comic Sans?

There was a time in business (like, from the dawn of the printing press until now) when, if you didn’t have a business card you were a joke of a business.  You wouldn’t run a business without a phone in 1990. In 2000, it was email.

That’s how it is with websites today. All of your customers are looking you up on their devices. If you aren’t there, that’s a problem.

I’m here to tell you that this little wabbit doesn’t take anyone seriously about their product or service if they don’t have a web presence. And I’m betting you don’t either.

So let’s talk about the 10 reasons your business needs a website.

1.) The People Expect It.

Seriously. YOU even expect it of other companies. Your customers want to be able to find you online. You need more than a facebook page and a review on yelp to be taken seriously by the average customer.

If that were the only point on the list, it would be enough.

2.) Your Competitor Has a Website

That’s a pretty solid reason #2 right there. If Jeff Jackalope was starting a web design company to compete with the Wabbit designers… he’d need a miracle first… and then he’d still need a website. Because we have one, and you’re on it.

Oh, you need more of these? Alright, let’s go.

3.) You control the story

Since you can’t control what other people say about you online, you want to have a place of your own. A place where you can get your message, product, or service out to the people that need it. A place where you can tell the story of why we want to work with your business.

4.) Social Proof

Speaking of story…You can use your website as a hub of testimonials, and allow people to share your company on any social media platform. Sure, you could rely on reviews and comments from other sources. But why not use your own site to collect and curate the best testimonials? You can do that with a website of your own.


This should probably be more important, but it’s number five. Because ok, yes, direct mail still works. Alright? We admit that. But it’s still a poor use for a tree, and the ROI is so close to the worst that actual silence might get you higher conversions.

You will never…everevereverever…be able to send enough flyers to reach as many people, per dollar, as you can with a good web presence for your business.

6.) The G

For real, if you don’t show up on Google you basically don’t exist. If you don’t have a web presence for your business, the chances of you showing up in search engine results is literally ZERO.

7.) Never Closed

Isn’t it amazing to be able to hop onto your phone, find a thing to buy at 3am, and then buy it?

Humans are remarkable.

You know what? The human you bought it from was probably super asleep when you bought that thing too.

Or that time you booked a haircut, or a doctor, or a carrot delivery by filling out a form and paying from a …<cough>…website!?

We think making money while you sleep makes it hard to wake up cranky.

8.) Staff Resources

Do you have employees? What about documents that you use regularly and need store securely? A good website isn’t just for your customers, it’s for you and your team as well. A great website is also a great content management system. We wabbits use our website to manage large projects, smaller tasks, and public content, across multiple teams internationally. We don’t have to wait for a reply from someone in IT, we just log in.

It makes training new employees crazy fast.

9.) Show Your Stuff

I’m impressed you’re still reading this. Seriously. Like…why? Point number 9 is just me telling you that you can put your products or services online and talk to people about them. You know this! Why are you resisting the future?

Truly I saith unto you dudes: It isn’t even the future anymore. Don’t be a dinosaur. Also, did you know that chickens are basically dinosaurs? Can you imagine being chased by Tyrannosaurus Bawk-Bawk?


10.) Don’t be chicken

Yep. Look, we know a thing or two about being shy. Wabbits don’t like the spotlight, we freeze. When you put your company on the internet it can feel pretty intimidating. It can feel like the whole world is watching.

The thing is…you need to do it anyway.

We want to buy from you. We, your customers, want to support you. We want to benefit from what you have to offer.

We can’t do that if we can’t find you.


Want help setting up a website for your business?

No matter what stage of business you’re at, Wabbit is here to help you get a badass website up and running quickly. We don’t want you to waste your time learning how to build something yourself on Squarespace or Wix or whatever. We believe that your time is better spent building your business. Every DIY solution out there still requires that you…Do. It. Yourself.

Wabbit builds your site for you. And we don’t ask for all your carrots in return like most design firms.

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